Friday, August 3, 2012

Cosigning in life (Consider Carefully)

I am a believer in supporting your fellow man; however I am not a fan of this new trend of cosigning on everything a person does. Now for those who are not familiar with cosigning, let me give you the urban definition taken from The Urban dictionary defines it as: 1. To go along with someone else's lie. 2. To agree or to concur; To corroborate a lie. To cover for. (i.e., Without even giving me a heads-up, he told his mom that he had been at my house all night. I cosigned for him because we close)….and 3. to agree to assume the payments on a loan to a hard lender such as a bank, not if but when, the borrower defaults on the loan.

As I said earlier, support is good, but to go along with someone’s lie or cover someone's misdeed just because their your son, daughter, niece, nephew or friend should not be acceptable for any responsible adults. We can’t expect them to be responsible if we are constantly supporting stuff that is not right. You may think you are really helping them, but you’re actually contributing to their failure. And I’m sure that’s not your intention. 

Yes, I know refusing to cosign for someone may cause that person to be mad at you, but trust me, they will get over it…at least I hope. And yes, I have cosigned, went along with, and even covered some lies and misdeeds for people. Lord knows, I learned a great deal from errors of my ways.

In closing, if you wouldn’t cosign for a bad loan; don’t cosign on someone’s mess. If you love them you wouldn’t do it. You're better that that.

Respectfully yours.


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