Thursday, July 26, 2012

The right decision doesn't mean an easy road.

When you know God has directed you to do something or blessed you with something, be prepared to endure the difficult times (when they come).  You may be that person that is needed to make that situation better.  Don’t abandon or curse that job, marriage, relationship, or business you have been led to do.  Choose your words and actions carefully, especially if YOU KNOW God has directed you in this area.  (People, especially non-believers or new believers shouldn’t hear you go from how God has blessed you with this wonderful job… to always talking about how bad things are, you hate this job, these people are crazy, etc…).   Endure the tough times and enjoy the rewards of your endurance.

There’s a story about a man named Joseph (in the bible)…He knew he was going to be in leadership.  However, the road to that leadership position was a tough one.   It entailed being thrown in a pit, sold into slavery; being lied on, thrown in prison, demotion…you get the picture.  Nowhere in the story did we hear of Joseph fussing or cussing about the difficult times he endured.  He continued to do what he was assigned and he was successful in everyplace he was put. He made it to the Palace and so can you.

In summary, just because you made the right decision, doesn’t mean it is going to be easy.  Don’t curse the blessing with your negative actions or words.  Even in difficult times, look to bless others.  And… enjoy the Palace (the promise).

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