Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little Light

On yesterday evening I was vacuuming out our vehicles. Since it was evening, it grew darker and darker as I finished up with my truck. I was in the trunk section or the boot as some may call it when my interior light when out. This is a normal function that happens when you have your doors open for a prolonged period of time in order to conserve the battery. So, I quickly finished up. Although it was little dark, it looked as if I had done a good job. 

I wrapped up by inserting my key in the ignition in order to let up my windows. As I did, the interior light came back on. So after I let my windows up, I walk back to the trunk aka the boot. Lo and behold, I saw that I had missed quite a bit of dirt/trash. I was surprised. Although it was getting dark, I thought, surely I had enough light to adequately finish cleaning my truck. How wrong I was.

In the midst of this experience I realized how significant a little "light" can be to us. Now, I'm not advocating for anyone to strive for the minimum. However, I am advocating that sometimes we are operating in the dark, thinking we are doing a good job but in reality we are missing a lot of dirt and stuff that is left behind. All we need to do is to add a little light. Add the light of God that can help you see the areas that you have missed. No matter what tools you have, if you don't have adequate light, you will surely miss some things.

So you might ask, how much light do I need? Enough light for you to make sure you are doing the the job right. And its not hard to turn the light on...its as easy as sticking the key into the ignition.

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