Monday, August 20, 2012


 I was working on my computer today and I got a notice that I needed to do a quick scan of my hard drive.  It reminded me that my computer had not been scanned in a couple of days and it could be in jeopardy of having a virus.  What made matters worse, it was a red warning.  I ignored the other warnings.  Since, this wasn’t the average warning, I immediately scanned my computer.  And sure enough it found the potential threat; a Trojan virus.  I immediately followed its instructions to remove the virus.   I am so glad that I heeded that warning.

          We often get these types warnings in our lives.  And we often leave them unchecked.  We make the mistake to wait. And, when we do that, the “problems” have the potential of getting worse.  We shouldn’t wait.  We should be purposefully and constantly looking over our lives to check for potential threats.   Like our computers, we don’t have to wait for the warning.  We can start that scan anytime we would like to see what shape we are in.  Look in every sector of your life: Spiritual, physical, social, academic, psychological, relational, financial, these are just a few areas to frequently check.

          In conclusion, if you find a problem and you’re not sure how to correct it, seek help.  If you are a believer (in God), ask God to lead you in correcting the problems you have found.  And if you are not a believer, still ask God to lead you.  [If you’re not sure how, feel free to contact me.] And, if you don’t want to ask God, find someone strong in that area that can help you.  There are plenty of resources you can search online.  Always be careful when you choose a resource online.  Check them out thoroughly, and do your best to find out if they have a reliable and trusted history.  Remember, scan regularly and frequently.

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